Taking care of man’s best friend…

Ok, here's post number 2, almost on the same day as the first post. Wonders never cease to amaze. To set the scene, I'm sitting on a deck chair out in the back yard. It's currently 11:30pm, and I'm doing this because Lou Lou, my sleepy old basset hound is not feeling well — and when she is like that, it means lots of visits outside. So, rather than getting up and down, I figured it might be fun to sit outside under the stars with her. It's quite a nice night after a HOT day here, and the stars are putting on a brilliant show. There are a few mossies around as well, so I have some mosquito repellent cones going — seem to be working because I haven't felt any bites. Thankfully Lou Lou has finally started to go off to sleep, evidenced by the snoring coming out of the darkness. 😉

Sitting out here reminded me of how lucky we are to have the technology possible to sit outside with a laptop and communicate to the world, without all the cables etc that one needed not too many years ago. In addition to doing this post I'm listening to one of my favourite internet radio stations (Auralgasms) streaming live music, and occasionally stopping to have a chat with a friend back in Australia. My friend in Australia was telling me about the Australia v Brazil game in the World Cup — we were beaten by Brazil, but only by 2 goals, so one has to take some heart from that, given that they are the favourites to win the Cup outright. That puts us at #2 in the group — not knowing how the group system works, I am hopeful that the top 2 teams from each will advance through to the next round.  Time will tell I guess.

Well, Lou Lou is definitely asleep, and my laptop is running down on battery power => so this will be the end of post #2, with the promise of more to come later. 

Have a good one. 


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